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RocketCell is the world’s first business mobile network that records, transcribes, summarises and logs every mobile call in Salesforce

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99.99% Uptime


GDPR Compliant

Official Salesforce ISV

Supports FCA Compliance

Introducing RocketCell

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RocketCell is game-changer and we want to give everyone the opportunity to join our network.

We’re currently in the process of completing our Beta program with a few of our lucky customers.

If you want to get first access when RocketCell goes live, please join the wait list by completed this form.

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Your phone is smart, why not your network?

No Apps!

VoIP apps don’t work.
RocketCell is it’s own cellular network so you never have to rely on an internet connection or apps that only work half the time.

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Automatic Salesforce updates

Call admin is a waste of time
Every inbound and outbound mobile call made by your teams, logged to Salesforce

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Never take notes again

Instant speech-to-text
Record and transcribe your mobile calls and save them into Salesforce. Great for coaching and deal handover!

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Mobile calls are no longer a black hole

Voice AI on every call
The platform analyses every RocketCell call with automatic call Bookmarks, Call Summaries and Coaching Tips

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Combine with every voice channel

The complete voice platform has solutions for every team and department. Combine with RocketCell to monitor 100% of calls across your entire organisation - Call Centre, Mobile Calls, Zoom Calls, you name it!

RocketCell for every team

For Field Sales

Customer calls happen everywhere. Capture every key moment in conversation, no matter where your reps are.

For Field Service Teams

Equip your Field Engineers with a smart mobile network that actually helps them. Trigger documentation, customer details, case solutions and much more from conversations alone.

For Compliance

If you're regulated by industry compliance laws, it's near impossible to monitor conversations held on mobiles. Ensure 100% rep compliance across every voice channel.

How does it work?

Find a contact

Find a contact in the Salesforce app or your handsets contact list

Click Dial

Click dial and you’re on your way!

Start calling

Have your entire conversation recorded, transcribed, logged and summarised with Ai, completely automatically.

Sit back and let RocketPhone do all the work for you!

No need to take notes or update your CRM. RocketPhone has taken care of everything. Simply get talking to your next customer!

Unify your entire organisation’s calling activity

Experience the full power of and unify every mobile call, softphone call, whatsapp call, video call.

Every voice channel

Unify every mobile call, Softphone call, Whatsapp call, video call and much more

Conversation Intelligence

Detect key moments in conversation across every voice channel to guide agents, improve coaching and maintain compliance

Unified activity

See your entire team's calling history across every channel in one unified activity


How much does RocketCell cost?
Are all RocketCell calls recorded?
Is it an e-sim or physical SIM?
Can I choose what number I want for my RocketCell number?
What countries will RocketCell be available in?
Do I have to be a Salesforce user?
What devices does RocketCell support?
What's the contract term length?
Does RocketCell include data and SMS plans?

Finally, a mobile network that actually works for business

See exactly what is happening across your team’s mobile calls and access a universe of new customer insights.

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