Stop wasting your rep's time. Add 100% to their performance.

RocketPhone’s all-in-one voice platform with smart automation lets your teams focus on delighting customers, not on admin.

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We’ve worked with these incredible companies to implement a compliant and secure phone system that integrates seamlessly with Salesforce CRM.

Professor Michael Wooldrige
RocketPhone Chief Science Officer and Head of Computer Science at Oxford University.

We've poured decades of AI thought leadership into so that you can detect opportunities and threats in realtime.

I spent 11 years at salesforce, exited 2 CRM startups and came to the conclusion that the market for smart telephony was wide open. I created Rocketphone to be born AI, born Realtime with an inherent focus on enterprise integration

Muj Choudhury
RocketPhone CEO and former Salesforce Director

Your CRM Deserves The Best

Slash the time spent on updating records, creating tickets and other tedious tasks. Create a 360 degree view of every lead and customer by connecting your phone system to Salesforce.

More than a phone system

Connect RocketPhone with your Zoom, Meets, Teams, WhatsApp, Cellular calls and more
Experience the full power of RocketPhone and unify every conversation

100% Monitoring
Detect key moments in conversation across every voice channel to guide agents, improve coaching and maintain compliance

Unified activity
See your entire team's calling history across every channel in one unified activity

The Phone System For Every Team

Sales teams, service teams, management, or teams that do a bit of everything. RocketPhone is the perfect solution.

For Sales Teams

Close more deals and get ahead of your competition.

Coach and guide reps in real-time with in-call prompts and action automation. Provide in-call up-sell and cross-sell opportunity suggestions to make every rep a revenue machine

For Service Teams

Improve Customer Experience and Service

Improve first call resolution with real-time rep alerting to improve service and spot new and upsell opportunities. Delight every caller with easily configurable hunt groups, auto-attendants, hold music, routing logic and more.

For Managers

Automatic monitoring of your teams with real-time AI

Track and view rep performance in a whole new way with AI bookmarking and speech analytics - spot areas of improvement to increase operational efficiency.

The most business-friendly phone & voice platform

Flexible pricing
RocketPhone offers transparent pricing with no minimum annual contract.

Built for growing companies
RocketPhone scales with your business, making it easy to add additional numbers and teammates.

Use anytime, anywhere
RocketPhone works wherever you go — all you need is an Internet connection.

Eliminate Blind Spots And Take Action

Customer voice has long been a blackhole of missed insight. RocketPhone captures vital data from every conversation, turning it into a tangible resource that your teams can capitalise on.

Improve Your Team’s Performance With Every Call

More than a phone system

Action Automation
Reduce your team’s non-talking time and increase ROI on your CRM investment. Configure AI bookmarks to trigger workflow automations live on the call. Freeing your team from time-wasting manual tasks.

AI Bookmarking
AI Bookmarking detects critical moments in every call to trigger workflow automations and provide real-time call assistance, keeping your team at their best.

Call Assist
Call prompts automatically appear whenever tricky topics are detected, leading to more successful calls and happier customers.

AI that boosts performance

Call Transcription  
Eradicate note taking and free up your reps time

Real-time agent assistance
Spot compliance risks, new opportunities, complaints and much more, all whilst a conversation is in flight

AI Generated call summaries and coaching
Enjoy continual rep performance gains with AI generated call summaries and coaching tips

You're not replacing like for like on telephony. What you're buying is the opportunity to extend your business processes. You're buying yourself access to data that you don't currently have

Sam Wilson

Pricing that suits your needs

Teams of all sizes achieve 10x more with RocketPhone


Get started with the basics

£20 pupm

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  • CRM Integration
  • Manual Bookmarks
  • Dashboards
  • Call Recordings


The full power of RocketPhone

£95 pupm

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  • All features of Basic plan
  • Full Call Transcription
  • A.I Bookmarking
  • Workflow Automation
  • Predictive Scheduling
  • Call Assist
  • Voicemail Transcription

The RocketPhone Difference

Banish your team’s busywork

Escape time-wasting admin and workflows with voice-triggered automations live on the call. Empowering your customer-facing teams to 10x their output with ease.

Eliminate blind spots and take action

Customer voice has long been a blackhole of missed insight. RocketPhone captures vital data from every conversation, turning it into a tangible resource that your teams can capitalise on.

Make an instant impact

No installations or expensive landline equipment needed. Our easily accessible web-based software lets you dramatically improve your calls from the get-go.

Optimise your CRM investment

Integrate RocketPhone with popular CRMs like Salesforce in minutes. Automations save you countless hours and make everyone in your team a CRM expert.

Discover How RocketPhone Could Help You

Financial Services

Develop relationships through personalised and secure conversations with your clients, partners, and policyholders.

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Create better retail experiences when you can talk with teams and customers on one beautiful platform that's more than just a retail phone system.


A business phone system for SaaS & tech teams. Support customers from anywhere, on any device.


Deliver personalised and secure conversations with the modern calling platform for utility brokers and suppliers

Small Business

RocketPhone is the easiest way to get a business phone that grows with your company.

Professional Services

Create more engaging client experiences and empower your teams to talk to and support clients in a whole new way.

The RocketPhone Difference

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Call from lists and campaign within RocketPhone or your CRM


Configurable IVR and Auto-Attendant ensures customers speak with the right person.

Email & SMS

Send email and SMS to customers directly through the app.

AI Call Summaries

View AI generated call summaries of every call, slashing time spent taking notes

Recording & Transcription

Each call is recorded, transcribed, and easy to access.

Real-Time Agent Assist

Assist agents during calls with knowledge base integrations, smart scripting and suggested next best actions

Hyper-local Presence Dialling

Leverage a bundle of area codes that match up with your customer’s territories throughout the UK and US automatically.

CRM Integration

Log every call instantly, and automatically in your CRM with recordings, transcription, AI Call Summary, Sentiment and more.

Mobile Ready

Make and take phone calls on the go. Access all your business communications from your mobile or desktop device.

Team Collaboration

Joint activity feeds give you a clear picture of your team’s performance.


View all your call data, see topic trends and review team performance

Share Call Recordings

No more downloading and editing. Simply share call recordings with a link

Track Call Outcomes

Add dispositions and call outcomes and automatically sync with your CRM.

International Calling

Call over the world with local numbers available worldwide

CRM Click-To-Dial

Call contacts and leads instantly from within your CRM

Out Of The Box Compliance

RocketPhone makes it easy to remain compliant across GDPR, MIFIDII, PCI, FCA regulations and more

Call Queue

View and manage all inbound calls and agent activity from one powerful call queue

Call Bookmarking

RocketPhone automatically detects and bookmarks key moments in conversation to take reporting and coaching to another level

Are you ready to lift off?

We set out to build the best phone system on the planet and ended up building the best in the universe 🚀