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Price per month (for AI equivalent licence)
Salesforce Integration
£4.99 per user
Service Cloud Voice
£4.99 per user
Experience Cloud Integration
Customisable Lightning Components
Real-Time Call Assist
Real-Time Actions
Custom AI Checklists
Real-Time AI Bookmarks
Salesforce Reports & Dashboards
Conversation Intelligence for 3rd party voice and video
BI Integration
PowerBI, Tableau, Google Data Studio
SIM/Cellular Calls Monitoring
Compliance Breach Detection
Call Recording
Call Transcription
£0.02/$0.03 per minute
Additional costs
Additional costs
Additional costs
Additional costs
Additional costs
Support for Non-Salesforce Users
Hyper-Local Presence Dialing
International Numbers
Additional costs
Additional costs
Additional costs
Additional costs
Additional costs
Additional costs
International Calling
Additional costs
Additional costs
Additional costs
Additional costs
Additional costs
Additional costs
SMS (send & templates)
Additional costs
Additional costs
Additional costs
Additional costs
Additional costs
Email (send & templates)
Additional costs
Additional costs
Progressive Dialler
AI Call Scheduling
Voicemail to text
Set business hours
Number Porting
Additional costs
Additional costs
Additional costs
Additional costs
Additional costs
Additional costs
IVR & Call Routing
IOS & Android apps
Web Apps




Outbound Calling
Standard Outbound Phone Features

Softphone, Dialpad dialler, Personal Phone Number, Call Forwarding, Conference Calling, Call Holding


Create calling campaigns in RocketPhone or push from your CRM

Live Campaigns

Connect RocketPhone to your lead forms to call hot leads right away

Preview Dialler
Progressive Dialler
Predictive Scheduler

RocketPhone's Predictive Scheduler can learn when your contacts are most likely to have time to talk and schedule calls for you.

Hyper-Local Presence Dialling
Charges apply
Inbound Calling
Standard Inbound Phone Features

Call Queue, Auto-Attendant, Waiting Messages, Voicemail

Business Hours

Set business hours to divert calls appropriately

Out of Hours Announcements

Set an announcement to be played to callers when out of business hours

Team Number

A number per team addition to personal numbers


AA is a call routing menu, e.g. "press 1 to get to customer support"

Call Hold Music

Play music to your callers on hold

Call Queue

Inbound callers wait in a queue until they are allocated to an available agent

Call Waiting Announcements

Announcements played to your callers whilst they wait

Voicemail Transcription

Read a transcript of that call recording instead of downloading it and listening back

Smart Transfer

Smart transfer unifies the call record and transfers call data across to the new agent. No more unnecessary security checksor asking the same questions over and over again. Designed for shorter, less stressful complex call journies.

Users & Teams
Multiple Teams

Multiple teams, working together in one system

Activity Feed

See what's happening and celebrate your Team's victories and achievements

Custom User Roles

Define custom roles for your users

Custom Status Management

Create custom status options for your teams and users


Set individual and team targets so your team can celebrate each other's achievements while striving to be #1.

Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Team Directory

See all your team and arrange group calls

Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Voice Intelligence
Manual Bookmarks

Capture moments of interest on a call. RocketPhone will transcribe them for you

GDPR Bookmark

Automatically detect GDPR related requests from your customers

AI Bookmarks

Have RocketPhone constantly monitoring your calls, capturing moments of interest and automating workflows to dramatically increase productivity

Custom AI Bookmarks

Create new AI Bookmarks best suited for your business

Team AI Bookmarks

AI Bookmarks specific to each team

Bookmark Subscription

Subscribe to the bookmarks most important to you to get notified in real-time

Call Assist

Have call prompts and helpful information automatically appear for your team whenever tricky topics are detected

Custom Action Engine

Create custom workflow automations when specific bookmarks are created

Full Call Transcriptions

All of your calls fully transcribed

Integrations & Automation
Salesforce Integration

Sync contacts, lists and calls. Create and update Salesforce records and objects

Charges apply
Ticket/ Opportunity/ Case Integration

Create and update tickets within RocketPhone during the call

Cloud Storage Integration

Send call recordings to your cloud storage

SMS Integration

Send SMS straight from RocketPhone. Build Templates that can be reused.

Charges apply
Charges apply
SMS Templates

Build Templates that can be reused.

Email Integration

Send Emails straight from RocketPhone. Build Templates that can be reused.

Email Templates

Build Templates that can be reused.

Data & Customisation

View all your call data, see topic trends and review team performance

Custom Dashboard

View your organisation as a whole, benchmark teams, view Voice Data across the entire organisation

Charges apply
Custom Wallboard

Create a custom wallboard to track KPIs and view call queue data for your team

Charges apply
Custom Fields
Charges apply
Custom Workflows
Charges apply
Custom Reports

Build your own monthly reports that can be sent or downloaded as PDFs

Charges apply
Custom Data

Track unique events based on what happened, what is said or how it is said

Charges apply
Custom Dispositions

Create Custom Dispositions and Automate actions on the back of them

Charges apply
Data API

Send an ocean of Voice Intelligence data to Tableau, Domo, Google Data Studio and more

Charges apply
Standard Phone Features
Number Porting

Use your existing number with RocketPhone

Charges apply
Call Scheduling

Schedule Calls within RocketPhone so you never fail to follow up

Personal Voicemail

Personal voicemails are available on all packages

Organisation Voicemail

Organisational voicemails are available on all packages

Team Voicemail

Voicemail for your teams

Call Recording

All calls made through RocketPhone are recorded and safely stored for you

Share Call Recordings

Share Call Recordings via a shareable link

Simple Dialler

A simple dialpad anyone can use without training

Onboarding and Support
Self sign-up Onboarding
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Knowledge Base
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Customer Success Support
Only on Manual Bookmarks

Don't take our word for it

RocketPhone’s all-in-one business phone system with smart automation lets your teams focus on delighting customers, not on admin.

"What you're buying is the opportunity to extend your business processes. You're buying yourself access to data that you don't currently have"

Sam Wilson
‍Digital Solutions & Technology Director at Bruntwood

"In the past we were having to go through...lengthy call recordings to ensure that a sale was compliant"

Stephen Henry
COO of SwitchMyBusiness